Transcript of Academic Records

All university students’ academic records are being registered in the university record system by VMU Academic Affairs Office after the students’ registration period at the faculties (two first weeks of each semester). The student records are being kept for 50 years according to institution documentation plan and Transcript of records can be issued upon the student request in Lithuanian or English language free of charge.

The Transcript of records for studies is the official document that contains the main student academic data: subject titles, codes, study period, national and ECTS grades and explanation of grading scale. This document indicates the responsible person, his/her signature, signing date and institution seal.

Note: all student academic records (passed and failed/not attended courses) are listed in the Transcript of records so it is very important to make the final decision of the course selection during registration period (two first weeks of each semester at the faculties).

VMU Degree students are provided with the Transcript of records upon the student request.

Incoming Exchange students are automatically provided with the Transcript of records in one month after the examination period: in January (after the autumn semester) and in July (after the spring semester). VMU International Office sends all documents to the Home Universities by post.

Incoming students for the placement may be issued with the Transcript of records after the placement period if the form of the transcript was defined in the placement agreement (signed before the placement period).

International Office provides all information about students’ Transcript of records.