Outcomes that Work for Learners and Their Stakeholders – OWLS

  • Number of the Project: 518131-LLP-1-2011-1-IS-LEONARDO-LMP
  • Duration of the project: 1/10/2010 – 30/09/2014
  • Main executor: Reykjavik university
  • Institution at VMU: Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Responsible person (s) at VMU: Eilina Dailinienė

Aim of the project

To complement the existing models and support training organizations to meet the requirement of continuously improving their training programmes.

Actors involved

Funding Ideas Ltd, Catholic University College Kempen, Vyatutas Magnus University, ABIF.

Short description of the project

Quality assurance of VET focussing specifically on the utilisation of acquired skills in the workplace (EQARF Indicator No 6). This is being done in cooperation with a range of stakeholders from different sectors, academic levels, types of institution, and age groups, to develop a prototype QA system for piloting. We are working with trainers, learners, employers and others to identify the key criteria for effective and efficient VET which directly influences how well learners apply their learning outcomes in the workplace and use this to improve our own VET. We focus on how learners PERFORM in the workplace, use objective methods to evidence this and then use our QA process to make improvements to the quality of our VET provision. By focussing on SKILLS and BEHAVIOURS, we are going to help overcome discrimination against different individuals based on any form of categorisation. After our iterative piloting process we will have a rigorous system, associated tools and training materials to disseminate to training providers/trainers.