Awards and Prizes

National Science Awards have been received by:

  • 1968 V. Stauskas, for the development of Lithuanian resorts, recreation and tourism zones
  • 1976 V. Stauskas, for the architectural ensemble of Vienybės square in Kaunas
  • 1980 V. Kaminskas, for the series of works "Creation and Implementation of the Methods of Statistical Identification and Diagnostics"
  • 1986 I. Skučas and co-authors were awarded the Lithuanian National Award
  • 1987 L. Pranevičius, for the series of works "Ion Implantation in Semi-Conductors and by Dielectric (1976-1986)"
  • 2001 L. Pranevičius and co-authors, for the work "Ion-Plasma Engineering of Surface Layers of Materials"
  • 2002 A. Žilinskas (with G.Dzemyda and V.Šaltenis), for the work "Effective Optimization in Technology"
  • 2005 Section of the Humanities and Social SciencesL. F. Gudaitis, for the series of works "Problems of the Lithuanian Heritage of Literature and Press in the First Half of the 20th Century (1977–2004)"
  • Section of the Technological SciencesE. Ušpuras, A. Kaliatka, J. Augutis, S. Rimkevičius and K. K. Almenas, for the series of works "Necessitarian and Stochastic Research, Engineering Solutions and their Implementation as Improvement of the Safety and Reliability of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (1994–2004)".
  • 2006 Section of the Humanities and Social SciencesProf. S. Karaliūnas, for "The Past of the Balts in Historical Sources"
  • 2007 Section of BiomedicineA. Toleikis, V. Borutaitė and V. Mildažienė, for the series of works "Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Function Control and Stress Response (1989–2006)". Proposed by the Senate of Kaunas University of Medicine.
  • 2008 Fundamental and Applied Research Projects’ WorksB. Genzelis for the series of works "Research of the History of Lithuanian Culture (Culturological and Politological Aspects) (1988–2007)". Proposed by the Senate of Vytautas Magnus University.

The Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Prize has been awarded to:

  • 1990 Dr. R. Požerskis, for the photography collections "Atlaidai" ("Lithuanian Pilgrimages"), "Atminties sodai" ("Gardens of Memory") and "Paskutinieji namai" ("The Last Shelter")
  • 1993 Prof. V. Kavolis, for the book "Epochų signatūros" ("Epochal Signatures")
  • 1995 Prof. A. Rubšis, for the translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek in 1978–1995 and the books "Raktas į Senąjį Testamentą" ("Key to the Old Testament") and "Raktas į Naująjį Testamentą" ("Key to the New Testament")
  • 1998 Prof. E. Gudavičius, for the production of TV shows "Būtovės slėpiniai" ("Mysteries of Being")
  • 2006 Prof. N. Lukšionytė-Tolvaišienė, for creatively evoking historical memory and increasing the relevance of Lithuanian architectural heritage in the works "Antanas Vivulskis (1877–1919): the Harmony of Traditions and Modernity" and "The Architects of Vilnius 1850–1914".