Lithuanian State Scholarships for Foreign Free Movers


The Education Exchanges Support Foundation (EESF) has announced call for applications for Lithuanian state scholarships, which cover Lithuanian (Baltic) studies by free mover students, lecturers and researchers from foreign higher education and research institutions. Application deadline is 1 November 2013.

The scholarships for short term Lithuanian (Baltic) studies cover the spring semester of 2013/2014 academic year. Possible period of studies is one semester (up to 5 months).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student (not final year), lecturer or research of eligible foreign higher education or research institution.
  • Official letter of acceptance issued by the host higher education or research institution in Lithuania.
  • 30 ECTS credits per semester in the field of Lithuanian (Baltic) studies (additional requirements in the link below).
  • Must not be recipient of other grants or scholarships.

The Lithuanian language belongs to the Indo-European family. It is one of the remaining two live Baltic languages boasting of numerous archaisms, the most faithfully retained ancient system of sounds and a number of morphological peculiarities. The Lithuanian (Baltic) studies organized by higher education and research institutions of Lithuania are intended for all applicants interested in Lithuanian or Baltic philology, Indo-European linguistics, Lithuanian literature, Lithuanian history, culture, ethnography and folklore.

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