Lithuanian Emigration Institute Hosted Open Door Day


Before the upcoming period of application-filing for Master’s studies, VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute held an open door day for prospective students, who were introduced to the Master’s degree programme of Migration Policy and Lithuanian Diaspora Studies.

The open door event on 29 May was intended for everyone interested in the opportunities to learn more about Lithuanian history, migration policy and law. According to the organizers, the new programme will be particularly attractive to those who wish to discover the little-known corners of the world inhabited by Lithuanians and to analyze issues of Lithuanian culture and consciousness.

Guests of the institute spent the afternoon enjoying tea and listening to teachers’ stories about the creation of the programme and the study subjects in general. The programme is still relatively new, but many of its graduates are already pursuing doctoral degrees or working at governmental institutions. Some of these success stories were presented during the event.

VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute is also a scientific centre which maintains extensive historical archives of the Lithuanian Diaspora. The wide spectrum of possibilities provided by Diaspora studies was presented in a special video taken from the institute’s archives.

Lithuania enjoys fame brought by prominent Diaspora figures of the past and the present: brothers Jonas and Adolfas Mekas, Michel Hazanavicius, Ruta Lee (Kilmonytė), Charles Bronson (Karolis Bučinskis), Jason Sudeikis, George Maciunas (Jurgis Mačiūnas), Birutė Galdikas, Antanas Mockus and many others. Just like the story of the unknown coal-miners of Pennsylvania, the stories of these people must be heard and written: all it takes is our determination and passion.

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