Invitation to the Borneo youth leadership conference


Date: 25th July 2016 – 30th July 2016. Venue: Curtin University Sarawak, Malaysia Theme: Empowering the Millennial Mind.

BYLC is a unique, life-changing experience for young leaders who attend each year. It attracts youths from all around the world and introduces younger generations to successful and inspirational personalities. During this six-day conference, delegates are challenged to learn, develop, and practice leadership skills that can be applied in their daily lives. Also, it provides students with the opportunity to test their leadership abilities in simulated scenarios and workshops. The ultimate goal of the conference is to motivate the youth to pursue their dreams and goals with a renewed sense of belief and determination by meeting and engaging with

BYLC’s distinguished and reputable speakers.

The theme for this year conference is “Empowering the Millennial Mind”, which focuses on the millennial generation development. Generation Y were born between 1980s and 2000; they present a unique and exciting leadership challenge. Indisputably bright and talented, they think differently, have unique needs, and require new management styles.

First step of selection process: students shall be required to fill a Participation Registration Form (refer to Page 5). Each interested candidate is required to send an approximately 500 worded essay with the following guidelines:

  • Title: Do you agree that Generation-Y is the dumbest generation? Support your answer.
  • Length: 500 words

Participation Registration Form together with the 500-word essay should be submitted via email to the

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