FPSD Christmas Party Welcomes International Students


On Thursday 19 December, 6 p.m., the VMU Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (44 Gedimino St.) will organize its fifth annual Christmas Party: a cozy gathering of the faculty’s community to mark the upcoming end of the exam session and the beginning of the holidays.

The already traditional Christmas Party of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (FPSD, or PMDF in Lithuanian) will be multicultural and global this year: for the first time, it will be enjoyed by both local and foreign students alike. According to the faculty’s volunteers, who are organizing the event, the party will be highly innovative and interactive. FPSD is particularly notable for its internationality and the number of international students, thus the tradition of uniting foreign learners with their Lithuanian peers, which began with the celebration of the freshmen’s first 100 days of studies, will continue at the party.

This year the participants will be invited to join interactive activities which will unite the musical performances, games and other events into a cohesive whole, ensuring excitement and festive atmosphere throughout the entire evening. Hot wine will also help keep the Christmas spirit alive.

As usual, the FPSD Christmas Bakery Competition will take place during the party, attracting those with a flair for enticing pastry products, chocolate glaze and powdered sugar. Anyone may participate by bringing their own baked cookies, pies or other delightful delicacies that would impress the commission and earn them a prize. Last year the organizers were particularly swayed by an Iranian pie baked by the faculty’s professor Aušra Park.

The FPSD Christmas Party is organized by the faculty’s volunteers: a youth social organization of students whose activities span both faculty and the university, contributing to the FPSD’s development, creating a cozy environment for the faculty’s community and expanding the students’ competences.

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