Conference to Explore 18th Century European Culture


VMU Dept. of Lithuanian Literature invites scholars to attend the international scientific conference Beginnings and Ends: the Horizons of the 18th Century European Culture which will be held at VMU on 5–6 December 2014.

The conference will be the closing event of the series The Year of Kristijonas Donelaitis, which is dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of Donelaitis, the pioneer of Lithuanian literature who wrote the first Lithuanian poem The Seasons (Metai).

The 18th century was a heterogeneous and controversial epoch in European culture. It was marked by the ideas of Enlightenment, which was called “the unfinished project of modernity” by Jorgen Habermas, numerous scientific and historical revolutions, constitution enactments, changes in the political map of Europe, rules and mastery in arts.

The organizers invite researchers to not lose sight of Donelaitis, the important landmark of Lithuanian culture in the receding horizon of the 18th century, but also look for other milestones which would help them to cover this horizon and search for the connecting lines and distinguishing signs. Conference participants are invited to draw the contours of the 18th century’s cultural horizon (philosophical, social, historical, political, artistic, literary etc.), to highlight the obstacles that make it obscure, and to investigate the artistic (literature, fine arts, music etc.) and academic (history, literary studies, ethnology) attempts to make the 18th century come into closer focus in the subsequent centuries.

The conference welcomes scholars from different countries and various academic disciplines (theology, philosophy, musicology, literary, cultural and art studies, linguistics, historiography, ethnology, etc.) whose research focuses on the issues of the 18th century European culture and tis reflection.

Abstracts and Presentations

Abstracts in English or Lithuanian (300–500 words) are to be sent to by 15 September 2014. The letter has to include the participant’s name, affiliation (university or another institution) and e-mail address.

Participants will be given 20 minutes for their presentations in the conference, followed by 10 minutes for questions and a discussion. The participants are free to choose the presentation’s  language (Lithuanian, English, German or French).

More information

The conference’s website should start functioning in late June. It will provide continuously updated details about important organizational matters.

Conference Announcement

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