Art Gallery at VMU to Showcase “Soft” and “Hard” Textile


On Tuesday, April 5, at 5 p.m., at the VMU art gallery "101" (Laisvės al. 53) an exhibition by textile artist Gražina Aleksandra Škikūnaitė, titled "Dangus suveltas vanduo" (Sky Tangled Water), will be opened.

"I make textile. Sometimes "soft", sometimes "hard". I collect stories, ideas and images. On the fabric, they become signs or allusions. They are the stories of my everyday life, constantly updated with new visual notes about important or completely unimportant things. This process is endless", says Gražina Aleksandra Škikūnaitė.

In recent years, the works of the artist have been dominated by the images of spaces: projections of the sky above Užupis or reflections of the past stories on the water of Vilnelė. Other works are more personal, but privacy here is coordinated with cultural elements.

According to the author, she combines various techniques and materials, therefore, each new creation is a kind of technological challenge. "For the exhibition Sky Tangled Water, I have prepared a collection of works created using several different techniques. The soft works are most often on a large flat fabric, created with mixed techniques (felt toning, painting, printing, stitching, appliqué, etc.). They can be seen as compositions of traditional genres, but there are no concrete images here, just re-telling fragments and associations. A few hard works ("Aš ir Tu") are shown at the exhibition – they are objects of varying textile fibers, I sought to save their streamlined anthropomorphic form, which the viewer would want to touch", Škikūnaitė said.

The latest series, titled "Kasdieniškas" ("Everyday"), are composed of separate, sometimes completely unconnected fragments. Details created at the open workshop of the VMU Faculty of Arts were used in this series; they are the main element of the work. Additional visual information here could be seen both as a drawing on the margins and as a visual conversation with co-authors. What matters in this series is not just the whole of the art but the creative process itself, connections between separate parts and relation to the participants of the creative process, most of whom sadly remain unknown…

Gražina Aleksandra Škikūnaitė was born and lives in Vilnius. In 1993, she graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in textile. The artist is frequently taking part in the exhibitions of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association; Škikūnaitė has participated in international exhibitions and art projects in Romania, Russia, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

The exhibition will run until April 21.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday at 12-6 p.m.

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