Apply Now: IFL Courses of 30 Languages Available at VMU


VMU Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) invites students, employees and the public to register and use a great opportunity to learn languages: the university offers no less than 30 language courses. As a reminder, BA and integrated studies’ students may register for courses in A, B and C groups in the Spring Semester until 23 December.

IFL allows students to choose foreign languages as a subgroup of Group A subjects. Each BA and integrated studies’ student is allocated 24 ECTS credits for languages (12 ECTS are obligatory, the rest are optional). However, every student may also learn languages without credits, after signing a contract with IFL as an unclassified student. Then his evaluation is not included in the grade average and no credits are used (price is 76 euros).

Language lessons take place every day: 4 academic hours in a classroom (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) and once a week in the virtual learning environment (Wed).

All languages are taught as blended courses including classroom and virtual learning on the Moodle platform. Students may also choose distance learning courses using Moodle virtual environment, video conferences etc.

Students who started studies at VMU having the English language competence higher than A1 level shall achieve English C1 level. Students who started studying the English language from A1 level at VMU or entered VMU prior to 2015 shall achieve English B2 level. Students who started studies at the university having the English language competence of C1 level shall study advanced levels of English or other foreign languages.

Language levels correspond to Common European Framework of Reference: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C1/C2. 

6 ECTS = one level, 3 ECTS = half of a level. B1 level of Spanish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, French, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, German languages is divided into B1.1 (6 ECTS) and B1.2 (6 ECTS) to ensure optimal development of necessary competences.

IFL services also include SANAKO for interactive self-study, individual tutorials, tandem learning (learning a language in cooperation with a proficient language user; registration at: The institute also welcomes new members of language and culture clubs: they offer events, gatherings, possibilities for meeting new people, discovering cultures and practicing languages. More information on IFL website.

IFL also organizes events of the European Day of Languages – intellectual, active, modern and diverse events, seminars, exhibitions, discussions and games. More information on IFL website.

How many languages do we offer?

The variety of the offered languages by the IFL helps to implement the basic liberal arts (artes liberales) principles and provides all the students, irrespectively of the study program, a unique ability to choose desirable number of languages from the list of 30 modern and classical ones:  English, Arabic, Danish, Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Yiddish, Catalan, Chinese, Kirghiz, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian Sign, Latin, Old Greek, Modern Greek, The New Testament Greek, Old Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Old Norse, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, German.

VMU institute of Foreign Languages: 12+12

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