VMU Honorary Doctors and Professors

Vytautas Magnus University grants VMU Honorary Professor’s and Honorary Doctorate degrees. VMU Honorary Doctorate degrees are awarded to Lithuanian and foreign residents for significant contribution to science and culture, Lithuania and Vytautas Magnus University.

VMU Honorary Professor’s degree is granted to Lithuanian and foreign citizens for their special contributions to Vytautas Magnus University, its development as intellectual and national authority in Lithuania and abroad, as well as for personal contribution to the development of higher education in Lithuania and education of the young generation. VMU Honorary Doctorate degree may be also granted to persons without direct association to VMU, while Honorary Professor’s degree may be also awarded to VMU professors for exceptional merits to VMU.

Since the establishment of the university in 1922, almost eighty distinguished people have been awarded Honorary Doctorate or Honorary Professor’s degrees for their merits to Lithuania and VMU. Honorary titles have been granted to the Presidents, the Signatories of the Act of Lithuanian Independence, historians, archaeologists, political scientists, internationally recognized poets, VMU community members, Lithuanian and foreign intellectuals.

VMU Honorary Doctors

The title of VMU Honorary Doctor has also been awarded to diplomat, Ambassador of Lithuania in the USA and Representative of the Holy See Stasys Lozoraitis, world-famous anthropologist, environmentalist, prominent researcher of orangutans Prof. Birutė Marija Galdikas, archeologist and pioneer of archeomythology Prof. Marija Gimbutas, researcher of small-nation revival Miroslav Hroch, historian, political scientist, famous public figure and author of books, scientific and publicistic articles Alfred Erich Senn, emigrant artist and one of the best known propagators of avant-garde cinema Jonas Mekas.

The regalia of VMU Honorary Doctor have been awarded to the prominent, internationally recognized poet, publicist, literature researcher and famous Soviet-era dissident Prof. Tomas Venclova, one of the greatest 20th century poets, Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Honorary Citizen of Lithuania and professor at the University of Berkeley Czesław Miłosz (VMU marked the year of his 100th birthday anniversary), as well as an illustrous Polish intellectual, historian, publicist, internationally awarded dissident and one of the leaders of the “Solidarity” movement in Poland Adam Michnik.

Her Excellency the President of the Republic of Latvia (1999-2007) Prof. Vaira Vyke-Freiberga received an Honorary Doctor’s Degree for strengthening the Centre of Letonics at VMU and the Lithuanian studies Centre at the University of Latvia.

For his achievements in social sciences and support in the publication of a book series on Baltic studies, the regalia of VMU Honorary Doctor were awarded to Prof. Zygmunt Bauman; Professor at the University of Bergen Orm Øverland was awarded for the initiative of inter-university collaboration; the Prof. Vilhelm Einar Stellan Hjertén from Uppsala University was also granted the title of VMU Honorary Doctor for his global achievements in the field of separation sciences and active collaborations with Vytautas Magnus University.

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VMU Honorary Professors

Since 1922, the regalia of VMU Honorary Professor title have been awarded to 13 highly regarded people, which include prof. Vytautas Juozas Černius (2006), prof. Antanas Tyla (2008), professor and political figure Bronislavas Genzelis (2010).

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