VMU. Go Green!

VMU Go Green! is the university’s project which seeks to bring people together and encourage them to take care of environment. Our ideas and actual eƒfforts are how we show our love and respect for nature. Working together can inspire great changes!

Walk to VMU on foot, take a bicycle or a bus!

Simply by arriving to the university not by our own car, but on foot, by bike or public transport every day, we would significantly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment. You can park your bike at the bicycle parking spaces in front of the university (K. Donelaičio g. 52).

Drink coffee only from non-disposable cups!

Get rid of disposable cups and acquire a non-disposable coffee cup for multiple use. You will find it especially comfortable to use in coffee-shops. Did you know that only 14 % of people in Lithuania consciously reduce the use of disposable items, whereas the total EU average is over 30 %. The time has come for you to do your part! 

Write in the margins – school days are over!

Contrary to what we have been taught in school, there is now nothing wrong with writing text in the margins of the page. Think of all the paper that goes to waste every day due to this rule. Before printing anything, take some time to think if you really need it. Recycle your old studying materials and journals – remember, a ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!

Give the elevator a break – use the stairs more often!

Conserve the energy of the elevator – better use your own! According to statistics, almost half of all the people in Lithuania do not do exercises. Thus, taking the stairs will help you stay healthy and beautiful.

The light won’t turn itself off – use the switch!

Conserve the light not only in your own home, but at the university as well. Did you know that in order to make 1 kw of electricity one needs 10 liters of oil?

Since 2008, Vytautas Magnus University is a partner of The European GreenLight Programme, an initiative of effective lighting in Europe. This initiative seeks to reduce the use of inside and outside lighting in Europe, thus also reducing pollution emissions and limiting the global warming.

Encourage the university community to preserve nature!

The community of the university can contribute to the conservation of the environment and nature in many ways. Various documents are available as computer files, uploaded to the intranet and the Internet – that way, the use of paper and printing costs can be reduced. A template for documents with “Go Green!” logo can be downloaded here, as well as the image available separately.

You are also welcome to view the photo report by Alvydas Vaitkevičius (a.vaitkevicius@vkt.vdu.lt) on various green events and initiatives in VMU.