VMU Celebrates 25th Reestablishment Anniversary

A quarter of a century ago, Vytautas Magnus University was reborn and turned into a true alternative. It has raised a new Lithuanian and global generation which is known and recognised by the world of today. These people are striding bravely into the future and their hearts are beating with openness and freedom.

“25 Hours. VMU in the City Streets” is the idea which defines the 25th year since the university’s reestablishment.

Stuck in the rut of work and everyday life, sometimes you have no time to pause, stay alone with your thoughts for a while, and be here now. There are only 24 hours in the day, after all… But imagine that we are giving you a small miracle: an extra hour to be together, share ideas, and participate in intellectually stimulating conversations. We invite the academic community and anyone craving for creativity to attend exclusive discussions, exhibitions, concerts, and theatre shows. VMU is open to everyone, so the ideas born here do not remain trapped within the university’s four walls.

It feels good to know you’re free.
It feels good to know you’re not alone.