Project Implementation Unit

  • K. Donelaičio g. 58-3b, 44244 Kaunas
  • Phone +370 37 323 296
  • Fax +370 37 203 858
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In 2007, the Project Management Office (PMO) has been established at the university, with the aim of developing project management. PMO is a non-academic university division, which seeks to implement an effective administration and coordination of university project activities as well as to ensure facilities and conditions for project development and effective project management process. More information about all ongoing projects at the university can be found on the website of PMO.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Analysis of university’s project activity, preparation of perspective development plans’ projects.
  • Balance of the interests of the university and the project groups.
  • Analysis of the accumulation possibilities for the resources required in the projects’ activities.
  • Preparation of projects for the development and improvement of environment suited for developing projects at the university.
  • Creation of necessary conditions for the transfer of experience in project development.
  • Public dissemination of the university’s projects.
  • Development and administration of joint university projects.